Northwest End Use Load Research Project Energy Metering Data

The Northwest End Use Load Research (EULR) project is a regional study designed to gather accurate load profiles for electrically-powered equipment in homes and businesses. Funded by Northwest utilities and interested stakeholders, the project will run for five years, collecting energy use data in one-minute intervals. Detailed energy information of this scope has not been collected since the ELCAP project, which was completed in 1990.
To support advancements in energy efficiency, as well as utility forecasting and planning efforts, EULR participants have agreed to make 15-minute interval data publicly available without cost. All personally-identifiable information has been removed from the dataset. 
Additional information including: Instructions for accessing the metering data; The database schema showing the relationships between all the tables; A data dictionary with details on variable types and the unit of measurement; and a step-by-step analysis guide to walk new users through the full process of preparing the data for load-shape analysis can be found in the Home Energy Metering Study Public Data User Guide.
To access the first and second years of home energy metering data, please enter your information below. 

Important Note: We recommend the use of specialized software such as R, Python or SAS as these files are large and complex. Each quarterly extract contains as many as 150 individual files that must be joined or merged together prior to analysis. In their compressed form, individual quarterly downloads may range from 1 to 500 MB. Once downloaded and uncompressed each quarterly extract may range from 10 MB to 5 GB.


This End Use Load Research Data (the “Data”) is provided by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, Inc. (“NEEA”) solely for internal use by the person or entity that received the Data from NEEA. You may not sell, reproduce, or distribute, all or any part of the Data without the express written permission of NEEA. You must ensure that credit is attributed to Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance in any work derived, in whole or in part, from the Data (including express acknowledgment of copyright ownership of NEEA). NEEA is providing the Data “as is” and does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the Data.

Energy Metering Data is provided courtesy of  End Use Load Research study participants: